www.Tellmaurices.com – WIN $1000 Daily – Maurice’s Survey

www.Tellmaurices.com – The name of this company is www.tellmaurices.com company provides a reward of a Validation Code card to its customer when they complete their survey.

www.tellmaurices.com - WIN $1000 Daily - Maurice's Survey

www.Tellmaurices.com – WIN $1000 Daily – Maurice’s Survey

Maurices wished to learn from its clientele how they felt about the store, the quality of individual products, the friendliness of the staff, and the overall ambience.

The fashion label has long since established itself as a significant player in the market, so it understands the crucial role satisfied clients play in its continued success.

www.tellmaurices.com - WIN $1000 Daily - Maurice's Survey

How To Take The Survey

  • Start by going to the Maurice survey homepage.
  • Inputting your store number, transaction number, register number, and current date and time will trigger the corresponding window on your screen. This data is shown at the top of your receipt for your convenience.
  • The following screen will ask for the last three digits of the coupon survey number, which may be located at the bottom of your receipt. It’s time to start answering the survey’s questions.
  • Additionally, you must let the company know whether you utilized the fitting rooms, how much money you spent, and if this was your first time shopping at one of their locations (s).
  • Tell them how likely you are to recommend Maurices to your friends and loved ones.
  • They’d also appreciate your thoughts on how convenient it is to shop there and how well it’s organized and displayed in its windows.
  • After that, you’ll be asked to answer several questions about your time in the store, such as whether or not you were welcomed and helped by the employees. And if they had the proper disposition, they provided you with whatever you needed.
  • The store’s efficiency is critical. Tell the company how long it took to pay for the items you bought and whether there were enough changing rooms.
  • Next, please provide the company with information about yourself, including your name, gender, phone number, and email address.
  • At last, you’ll be eligible to win Maurice’s presents in the giveaway.

www.tellmaurices.com - WIN $1000 Daily - Maurice's Survey

Benefits and Rewards

Ten entries into the daily $1,000 drawing and other great prizes like Maurice’s gift cards are up for grabs just for doing this survey, for a total weekly prize pool of $1,500.

Terms and Conditions or Rules Maurice’s Survey

  • Participants must be 18 years or older and legal residents of one of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Honduras, or the Republic of Korea.
  • No members of the Maurice delegation, their families, or any recognized specialists are allowed to participate in the official Tellmaurices poll.
  • You must be 18 years old or older to apply for this job.
  • To engage in the online survey that informs Maurices is running, you need your receipt.
  • No one will be able to take the survey more than once.
  • This prize is not transferable or exchangeable for cash or other goods or services.

www.tellmaurices.com - WIN $1000 Daily - Maurice's Survey

About Maurice’s Survey Company

The headquarters of Maurices Inc., better known simply as Maurices, may be found in Duluth, Minnesota. Maurices is the name of the company’s namesake brand.

The majority of the roughly one thousand businesses owned by the corporation may be located in strip malls and less populated areas throughout the United States and Canada. The organization began in Duluth in 1931 when it was first established.

www.tellmaurices.com - WIN $1000 Daily - Maurice's Survey


The tellmaurices survey, which had the necessary data, will be discussed in this article. Participating in the survey may qualify you for a price reduction on some of your most-preferred items. Isn’t it the best deal you’ve heard of?

When you shop at Maurices, you can be confident that you will always have a friendly and toasty place to stay throughout the year’s colder months. The company will consider your feedback for future upgrades.

www.Tellmaurices.com Survey FAQs

  • Question – When does Maurices in downtown Vancouver open and close?

Answer – Each Maurices store has its schedule of open and closed hours.

  • Question – Where can one locate Maurices precisely?

Answer – Retail outlets of Maurices may be found in the United States of America, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Headquarters are located in Duluth, Minnesota.

  • Question – So, who or what are the Maurices?

Answer – Maurices, a women’s clothing shop chain, opened its doors in 1931. Dresses, tops, bottoms, coats, and accessories are just some of the many items available for ladies at this retailer. Maurices also has a line of larger-size clothing.

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