– Win $500 – Talk to Food Lion Survey – The name of this company is, and the company provides a reward of a Validation Code card to its customer when they complete their survey. – Win $500 – Talk to Food Lion Survey

Food Lion places a high priority on customer comments on the quality of the services it provides. This survey will assist them in gaining a better understanding of their target audience, even in the absence of any official complaints.

It is anticipated that you, as a dedicated customer, will take part in the survey. The fact that participants can win a gift card worth $500 makes this poll notable. They are giving you a forum to communicate your ideas and sentiments to them.

They have said that they would pay attention to customer feedback and utilize it to make necessary adjustments.

Food Lion Survey

How to take the survey

To begin, go to the official website of the Food Lion Customer Satisfaction Survey.

You’ll need to get your receipt and put in the correct PIN.

To start the survey, please click the right arrow.

While you’re here at Food Lion, we’d appreciate it if you’d complete a little survey about your experience.

How does Food Lion compare to competitors in terms of customer service, product quality, friendliness of employees, and cleanliness of facilities?

Please carefully consider the Food Lion Survey questions and answer them honestly.

Before you log out, please give your contact details.

Provide your personal information (name, email address, etc.) to enter the Talktofoodlion Sweepstakes.

When done, please submit your information by clicking the “SUBMIT” button.

You can now win a $500 Food Lion gift card in our random lottery!

Food Lion Survey

Benefits and Rewards

Ten (10) Prize Winners will be selected randomly for each Entry Period on talktofoodlion. Prizes will be awarded to the winners. Those chosen as winners will get a gift card to Food Lion for $500 for themselves.

Terms and Conditions or Rules

To participate in the Food Lion survey and the accompanying sweepstakes, one must first satisfy the requirements outlined in the official rules and regulations. Following the laws of the letter will increase your chances of coming out on top.

Any applicant who is less than eighteen years old will be immediately rejected from further consideration.

Participants must be legally permitted to live in one of the following states or the District of Columbia: Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Virginia.

This campaign is not open to Food Lion workers or their families in any way, shape, or form.

You do not need a receipt to participate in the contest hosted by Talktofoodlion.

There may only be one entry submitted for each transaction.

When entries may be submitted, each person or household can submit a maximum of five submissions.

In selecting the victor, none of the potential factors will be taken into account in any way.

It is impossible to get cash back or give the gift card to another person since it cannot be redeemed for its face value.

You shouldn’t waste your money attempting to buy more triumphs than you already have.

Food Lion Survey

About the

Food Lion LLC is a grocery store company founded throughout the United States. They own and manage over 1,100 shops in ten different states. Food Town was the company’s moniker when it opened its business doors in 1957.

In 1983, the company decided to change its name to Food Lion to distinguish itself from other companies with phonetically similar names.

The headquarters of Food Lion may be in the United States, Salisbury, North Carolina. Over 66,000 people (in diverse vocations) are now employed by the organization in locations worldwide.


It includes all you need to know about the consumer survey that Food Lion is doing. Excellent study; undoubtedly, the highlighted companies are at the cutting edge of their respective fields.

Food Lion is beginning a survey to measure the level of satisfaction and comments from its customers. Even though Food Lion has made every attempt to address the issues raised in this survey, there will sadly only be one winner of the $500 reward. of FAQs

  • Do I have to purchase Food Lion to join the contest?

Answer:- To participate in the Food Lion survey and win, you need not make a purchase. Participants may enter the sweepstakes without purchasing or completing an online survey by sending a postcard.

  • Are people throughout the globe experiencing this?

Answer:- Voting is not open to anybody who does not reside in the United States.

  • How can I qualify for the prize?

Answer:- Approximately two (2)business days after the drawing date, potential Prize Winners will be notified through email, phone, and mail.

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