– Win $100 Gift Card – Tell mister Survey – Customers who take the time to fill out the Mister Car Wash customer survey at will be eligible to win a $100 Mister Wash gift card. – Win $100 Gift Card – Tell mister Survey

The good news is… Take the Mister Car Wash survey at for a chance to win a $100 Mister Power Wash gift card.

The purpose of this Mister Car Wash customer survey is to collect information about your thoughts and feelings regarding various aspects of your experience at Mister Car Wash and to use that information to make changes based on what you’ve told them to do better at your next visit.

How to Complete the Mister Car Wash Customer Satisfaction Survey in Its Entirely

The website has further details. Please click “Begin Survey” at the bottom of the page to continue. Please click on the link labelled “Sweepstakes Rules & Regulations” for further information. An up-to-date Mister Car Wash receipt is required.

On the receipt, you’ll see a three-digit location number. If you are having trouble finding it, try entering the number 000 and selecting a place you are familiar with. Follow the on-screen steps by entering your account number and pressing the appropriate option.

Visit to take part in the Mister Car Wash Customer Satisfaction Survey. You’ll need access to an email account, your complete name, and the last five digits on your receipt.

On the next page, you’ll be able to give Mister Car Wash a rating out of 10 and tell us how you heard about them. The next step is to provide answers predicated on your most recent visit to the help desk.

All aspects of the operation, from service to cleanliness to employee attitude to vehicle upkeep, will be graded. How long it’s been since your previous visit dictates how you respond.

Some of their answers will be presented to you for commentary. After you’ve done responding to the survey’s questions, please click the “Submit” button.

To enter, please include your complete name, age, country of residence, mobile phone number, and mailing address in the space provided. You will get a verification number after completing the Tellmister survey.

Take advantage of the offer before it ends. If the discount code has crossed its expiry date, it will no longer be valid.

Tell mister Survey

Profits and Awards:

Customer reviews are crucial to the growth of any company. Competitions are a new and exciting approach to client feedback that Mister Car Wash has developed. You might have a chance to win a prize by participating in the Mister Car Wash Guest Survey.

If you take the survey, you may be the fortunate winner of a $100 gift card. In addition, this discount code may only be used for services at Mister Car Wash.

After 30 days from the date of purchase, this Mister Car Wash incentive is null and void and cannot be redeemed.

Tell mister Survey

The Policies and Procedures of Mr. Car Wash

  • For the User to qualify, he or she must be a legal resident of one of these three countries.
  • Be sure to have your most recent receipt from Mister Car Wash on available.
  • This service is restricted to those above the age of 18.
  • You need to be able to understand and use standard American English.
  • The duplication of data would be reduced or eliminated if new items were added.
  • You must supply your name, age, nationality, mobile number and email address to enter the Mister Car Wash Reward Drawing.
  • Think carefully about the survey answers you provide.
  • You must fill out the survey within 6-7 days after completing your purchase to be eligible to win a prize.
  • In order to get your reward, you must provide a valid email address.
  • Auto Wash requires that you be the legal owner of the car you bring in order to vote in this survey.
  • No members of the Sponsors’ or their employees’ families or households are eligible to enter.

Mister Clein’s Mobile Car Wash and Detailing Service

Mister Car Wash is an American enterprise that started out in Houston, Texas. With headquarters in Tucson, Arizona, the company has over 250 outlets in 21 states. Mister Car Wash’s strategy of aggressive growth has allowed them to acquire 260 facilities around the country.

With 266 service stations and 33 lube stores spread over the United States and its territories, Mister Car Wash has grown to employ over 8,000 individuals.

It has been in business since 1969, and its vehicle washes are widely regarded as the finest in the region. Mister Car Wash is always on the lookout for new clients in order to maintain its position as one of the best car washes around.

Therefore, it has created a survey at for both existing and potential clients.

Tell mister Survey


We hope you found our Mister Car Wash Review to be informative. The data presented in this article comes from a survey of happy customers. We hope you find the displayed information to be satisfactory. of FAQs

  • Does Mister Car Wash need a receipt?

Answer:- Simply said, absolutely. You may participate in the Mister Car Wash survey without a receipt.

  • Is it possible that Mr. Car Wash has prevented me from seeing certain content?

Answer:- If you are not currently located inside a country, you will not be able to view its survey page. If you are experiencing connection issues, you may want to try using a virtual private network (VPN).

  • Is it possible for TellMister to overlook my entry?

Answer:- Response Optional: Please try a different web browser or the most recent version of the one you are currently using.

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